• If you would like to be taught a course by someone dressed like a child who spends way too much time checking her teeth for food I recommend you sign up for my Developing Narratives for Animation course on Skillshare: HERE.

    It launches August 26th and you can enroll with a 25% discount with code ‘VIDEO’ until Tuesday the 20th

  • Just got my J.crew Tshirt back from a tiny 3 year old who had outgrown it. 

  • My Film ‘The Event’ will be playing at the NEXT Sundance Film Fest in LA this weekend. See the line up here. 

  • Tiffany Beucher did a portrait of all the YCN Professional Award winners. I don’t look nearly that classy in real life - thanks Tiffany! 

    You can see them all HERE.

  • I had completely forgotten about this super weird video I made for Bare Bones way back when. Enjoy?

  • Use coupon code SUMMER to receive 20% off on all purchases for a week in my shop

  • New food party tote bag out now in my etsy store : #sushi #pizza #pretzel #donut #toast

  • The lovely folks at skillshare asked me to put together a course on one of my skills. I could have taught you the art of watching Buffy in your pajamas but that’s very advanced so instead you can sign up to learn about Developing Narrative for Animation. 

    Go HERE to see what the course entails and to enroll. The course will go live in mid August.  

  • Full design of my ‘Stay'VHS box for the Not for Rental exhibition in East London this week. The one off boxes will be on sale for £50 on July 13th for charity in conjunction with Little White Lies Magazine.  

  • I designed a VHS video of ET for the #notforrental2013 exhibition at the 71a gallery in london which opens tonight-go see it if you are so compelled